Thursday, September 10, 2009


What is Perception? Is it the fuel of the wicked, the power of the strong, the shield for the meek or the open flank of the righteous?

Here follows an uninformed or confirmed view of perception:

When thinking of perception I always like the analogy I got from my father of the earth being round. I was just coming of age and starting to think extra introspectively, and as was the way with me and my father, sharing my thoughts so as to know that my mind was working right.

We had just finished a really thought provoking movie and where talking about the thought progress of the protagonist when I asked the question. "but why did he fall for such an obvious trap?"... Most of my questions stared with but why at this age. His answer was to do with what knowledge the character had. Not totally getting my father's point I pressed the matter and he told me this simple analogy... Nearly fracturing my mind...

Before it was proven that the world is was round do you think that it wasn't? There was no proof there was no belief, except that the world was flat. If you go and don't come back then an acceptable reasoning was that they fell off the side of the earth... If they came back they didn't go far enough. The truth of the matter is if no one knew better the world was in actual fact flat (before the first theory)...
After the fact it changes… the first spark of an idea is like the act of creation in man’s mind.

This is important to understand. For it pertains to everything and anything... Religion, science and love, if you believe it to be true it must be... When your perception of the entity/object/person changes then the truth of your existence changes. Thus reality slips splits and changes...

Perception is everywhere and plays a part in our everyday life... how? I hear the masses calling... We’ll try walking into a pharmacy and buy lubrication making sure to ask if it is hypoallergenic... Or donning a metal shirt and walking into a bible store... Everyone's perception changes all the time it's not worth putting too much weight in it.

But as a warning my friend, do not let the truth be clouded by perception. If you want to be seen as something or someone do not allow there to be any doubt about what you want people to perceive... Hiding something makes it more perceivable.


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